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Arun Govil (born 30 October 1958) is an Indian actor, producer and director.He has acted in Hindi, Bhojpuri, Braj Bhasha, Odia and Telugu films. he's best known for enjoying Lord Rama in Ramanand Sagar's hit television series Ramayan (1987)
Arun Govil was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh .He spent his teenage life in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His father wanted him to become a government servant while Arun wanted to try to to something that he would be remembered.


Arun Govil belongs to a Hindu family.
Parents & Siblings
Arun Gawli’s father, Chandra Prakash Govil, was a government waterworks engineer in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh . Arun’s father had 8 children (Six sons and a couple of daughters). one among his elder brothers, Vijay Govil, got married to Tabassum, a former Indian actress and Doordarshan’s longest-running “Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan” chat show host.
Family & Children
Arun is married to a former designer and film actress Shrilekha Govil.
He met Shrilekha, who was then a textile designer, early in his acting career. He credits her to an excellent degree for his success and achievements.
The duo together has two children, Amal Govil (son) and Sonika Govil (daughter).

His Son works as a banker in Mumbai, while his daughter Sonika Govil lives in Boston, USA,where she is studying at the Hult International graduate school .


After moving to Mumbai at a young age, the monotonousness of his brother’s business, and therefore the desire to form his own identity propelled him to undertake his hand at acting. It took him around two years to urge his first break, but he was eventually cast within the film Paheli (1977), wherein he played the role of a supporting actor. the assembly company of Paheli, Raj Sri Productions got highly impressed by his work and that they subsequently signed him as a lead actor for 3 more movies, which were Sawan Ko Aane Do (1979), Raadha Aur Seeta (1979), Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin (1979).

Poster of Movie Sawan Ko Aane Do (1977)
One of the three movies “Sawan Ko Aane Do” was a mega-hit of its time, and its music is so far relished by an outsized portion of Indian listeners.
He starred in Kanak Mishra’s Jiyo To Aise Jiyo (1981) which was the 30th biggest hit of that year. His acting career transcended, and thereafter he worked in many other Hindi pictures. He made his small-screen debut with Ramanand Sagar’s widely commended television series “Vikram Aur Betaal” (1988), wherein he played the role of legendary King Vikramaditya.

Vikram Aur Betal
A shot from Ramanand Sagar’s Vikram Aur Betaal
Meanwhile, he was cast for the role of “Lord Rama” in Ramanand Sagar’s “Ramayan” (1987-88), which is that the world’s most viewed mythological series.


It proved to be a milestone in his career. He rose to stardom and was honoured with the Uptron Award for “Best Actor during a Leading Role” in 1989, for his add Ramayan. Having played the role of Lord Rama with such serenity, provided him with an excellent exposure; thereafter, he was offered several spiritual-based roles including King Harishchandra in Vishwamitra (TV series) and Lord Buddha in TV series “Buddha.” He got clutched in an image-trap and other people started considering him as a paragon of virtue, Bollywood producers stopped offering him distinct roles. He has worked in Telugu, Bhojpuri, Bengali and Oriya movies including Bidhira Bidhan (1989- Oriya), Edu Kondalaswamy (1991- Telugu), Govinda Govinda (1993- Telugu) Pyari Dulhaniya (1989- Bhojpuri) and lots of more. In 2008, he found out his own production company under the name of “Arun Govil Productions Private Limited.”


Arun’s Father, Chandra Prakash Govil wanted him to become a government official, whereas Arun wanted to try to to something different to create an identity for himself.
young Arun Govil
A Picture of Arun Govil in his youth
Arun wasn’t the primary option to play Lord Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, he had to face an outright rejection following his audition, on the other hand eventually, the assembly team reached a general agreement to cast him as they didn’t find a far better actor for the actual role.
Arun Played was a flexible actor. aside from acting during a lead role in many blockbusters, he has even played several side roles and has worked with many legendary Bollywood stars in his career.
Dhaal- The Battle of Law Against Law
A still from movie Dhaal- The Battle of Law Against Law showing Danny Denzongpa, Arun Govil, and Vinod Khanna

Arun, who was once an important smoker, he got obviate his cigarette addiction after started playing the character of Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan and has avoided the habit so far . However, he frequently intakes alcohol for recreation.
Even today, after over 33 years of TV series Ramayan, people in India call him by name Ram Ji and touch his feet within the devotion to the character (Rama) that he had depicted in Ramayan.
Arun Govil, who is best known for the portrayal of Rama in TV series Ramayan, has even played the role of “Laxman” within the Indian mythological movie Lav Kush (1997).
Lav Kush
A still from 1997 TV series Lav Kush
In 2016, a Mumbai builder group duped Arun Govil and Sunil Lahri (Laxman in Ramayan) into giving the money to shop for a property that they haven’t yet been given the ownership.
On screen Ram (Arun) & Laxman(Sunil) together during a picture
On-screen Ram (Arun) & Laxman (Sunil) posing together during a picture from 2016
On the standstill and gradual downfall of his career after Ramayan, he says,
I had started my career as a Hindi film hero and post-Ramayan, once I wanted to return to Bollywood, the producers said, ‘Your image as Ram is so strong, we cannot cast you as anyone else or offer you a supporting role.’ They felt that i used to be not fitted to commercial movies anymore. That became the most important minus point of my career, and that i realised that I could never return to showbiz the way I wanted to. I took up a couple of TV shows, but whenever I did something, people rejected me saying, ‘Arre, Ramji kya kar rahe hain.”


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